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Hello and Welcome. I am Ron Robinson. As a consultant with more than 40 years assisting leaders and managers improve business performance I have experienced the same challenges in the past two decades just as you have. From the attacks of 9/11 to today we have experienced three recessions, each worse than the one before, multiple climate crises from hurricanes, to floods, drought and fires, multiple pandemics and social unrest coupled with rapidly changing technology

That is why I have written my third book, A Business of Leaders. I offer a business model for creating a culture of total involvement and engagement for greater business success. Every business using the model has improved its business numbers and market position while dealing with today’s challenges.

In addition to my book, I offer Keynote addresses and seminars on how to improve your numbers and achieve greater success in today’s turbulence, better known as the 21st Century!

Enjoy your visit on our site and I look forward to hearing from you!.

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Digital License for One Employee ~ $49


Digital License for One Employee ~ $49

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Ron has led keynotes, workshops and webinars for many associations and companies, including:

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Want to increase your business numbers and market position? Want to have happier and more productive people? Want to increase capacity and reduce costs? Want your business to respond to markets with the strength and agility of a hawk? Contact Ron today.