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Ron Robinson ~ 21st Century Leadership Speaker

From Surviving to Thriving!

Hi, I am Ron Robinson and have traveled the world assisting executives and managers improve business performance. I have learned as much from my clients as they have learned from me.

We now face more challenges than ever before as business owners and leaders. That is why I now speak on the importance of entrepreneurs and leaders to consider several factors when running successful businesses in the 21st Century.

First we must be able to anticipate 7 Nightmares in Business and secondly resolve those nightmares using 5 Talents to Succeed as an Entrepreneur and a Leader.

This high-powered and entertaining keynote shares time-tested and scientifically proven tools to create a business of business people and unleash the hidden potential within your business today!

1. Identify the challenge and opportunities in your business.

2. Engage your workforce.

3. Communicate successfully with multiple cultures and generations.

4. Collaborate to reduce costs, improve efficiency and rapidly respond to changes affecting your business.

5. Achieve higher levels of workforce performance and reduce staff turnover.

6. Improve market position and leadership.

Learn how an entrepreneur experienced 7 years of business growth and how the author turned around many organizations and used 5 Talents to lead an organization from closing its doors to becoming a market leader.

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More Kind Words from Clients

“Thank you again for speaking this morning. You did a great job, as usual, and the content was relevant to the attendees and today’s business environment. I noticed the attendees were engaged in what you were saying and not looking at their phones. I have good news for you… you have 5 businesses that would like you to contact them for additional information. We rescued the sheets from the tables and saved the ones that had contact information on them. This would be a great story and testimonial if you got business from them!”

CeCe Hipps, President
Haywood County Chamber of Commerce

“Dear Ron, thank you for returning as a speaker for our November Issues and Eggs meeting. Your presentation on rebound strategies was incredibly insightful, especially during these trying times.”

CeCe, Kim, and Taylor
Haywood County Chamber of Commerce

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    Kind Words from Clients

    “Ron has served as a speaker for several of our business meetings. He never disappoints and always delivers a stellar, to-the-point and meaningful presentation. He is a diverse speaker on a variety of topics that any size business can benefit from.”

    CeCe Hipps, President
    Haywood County Chamber of Commerce

    “Ron has incredible experience and skills. His model for success is worth learning and applying. Highly recommend!

    Kenneth Flint
    Associate Dean – College of Business
    Western Carolina University