Online Courses & Coaching to Help Leaders
Develop Highly-Efficient and Responsive Businesses
by Bringing Out the Best in Their People & Companies

Course Offerings:

21st Century Leadership Tools & Skills for bringing out the best in your people

21st Century Business Model for creating highly efficient and responsive companies that grow

Successful Sales Skills for growing your business

21st Century Leadership Online Course

21st Century Leadership Tools & Skills

Bring Out the Best in Your People

“Ron has incredible experience and skills. His model for success
is worth learning and applying. Highly recommend!

Kenneth Flint, Associate Dean
College of Business, Western Carolina University

Course Topics ~ (10 Classes + 2 Free Coaching Sessions)

  • Engage staff when building a balanced scorecard and create ownership
  • Listen for understanding, correct concerning behavior, resolve conflicts, and persuade
  • Facilitate collaboration for better decisions, reduced errors and costs, solving problems and reacting rapidly to changes affecting your business
  • Positive tools to improve low staff performance, business productivity and reduce turnover
  • Innovate processes, products, and services to thrive

21st Century Leadership Online Course & Coaching ~ $200 / class

21st Century Business Model Online Course

21st Century Business Model

Bring Out the Best in Your People & Company for
High Efficiency, Responsiveness, and Growth

“Ron’s organizational skills and his ability to keep everyone focused
and moving forward brought our organization from surviving to thriving.”

Linda Potter, Jackson
County Public School Librarian

Course Topics ~ (11 Classes + 2 Free Coaching Sessions)

  • Study your business and market for business opportunities
  • Structure your business into work groups for greater efficiency, creativity and ability to rapidly respond to change
  • Strategy that is balanced and enables you to rebound, compete and grow in 2021
  • Skills for 21st Century Leaders to improve market position and leadership

21st Century Business Model Online Course & Coaching ~ $200 / class

Sales Skills Online Course

Successful Sales Skills

Bring Out the Best in Your Sales Skills and Grow in 2021!

“One of Ron’s strengths is his never-ending optimism. He showed me that in the midst of the challenges we faced this year, there were opportunities to grow the business. Then he helped me identify those opportunities and develop strategies to go after them. Any business seeking growth should contact Ron today (don’t wait for tomorrow)!”

Cary Heidesch, Owner
88 Key Solutions

Course Topics ~ (8 Classes + 2 Free Coaching Sessions)

  • Define your market
  • Stimulate interest with elevator talk
  • Develop relationships using 5 Steps
  • Learn client needs by asking open questions
  • Sell the Sizzle describing features & benefits that meet needs
  • Overcome price objections by bracketing the decision
  • Anticipate and offer solutions to concerns
  • Make the Ask with a closed question or choice of buying options

Successful Sales Skills Online Course & Coaching ~ $200 / class

When I Provide These Tools & Skills, Here’s What Leaders, Managers, and Business Owners Say…

“I would highly recommend Ron Robinson for anyone looking to grow and expand their business! Ron brought a better understanding of focus and organization that I’ve never used before in my 9 years as a business owner. He was patient and understanding and highly involved in my growth and success. For an”y business owner either brand new or seasoned reach out to Ron and let him help you grow your focus and in turn grow your success!! Thank you, Ron for the many years of friendship and help in my business!”

William Styles, Country Financial

*William increased his book of business by nearly 25% in less than 6 months.

“Coach Ron was a huge asset to my insurance and financial services business. His book helped us identify some issues we were having inside our organization and gave us the tools to improve and correct them. Our 1-on-1 sessions each week were key to developing a system that set us up for success and growth moving forward. Thank you for everything, Coach!”

Jared Dunn
The Dunn Agency, Country Financial

*Jared increased his financial services business and life sales.

“Thank you for making my management shine.”

Karen Wallace, Executive Director
Fontana Regional Library

*The librarians increased overdue book receipts and reduced book placement errors.

“Ron is a positive leader who knows how to help others be their best. I’ve worked with him in Jackson County and been nothing but impressed. Two thumbs up!!!”

Bill Ogletree, PhD, Communications Dept Head
Health & Human Sciences
Western Carolina University

*3M plants in Alabama and New Jersey increased production above standards, reduced waste and costs and improved management/union relations.

“Ron was highly effective in working with Circles of Hope in Jackson County. His leadership created a proactive sustainable loving organization. He is a deeply ethical person and committed to human and organizational improvement. He is a tremendous inspiration for good in the world. He brings out the best in organizations and people.”

Mary Anne Farrell, Retired Physician

*Circles of Hope increased revenues from $20k to $100k & Increased Production

“I loved reading through all of the success that COUNTRY team members experienced from working with you! 2020 was a pivotal year for our Agency, and you played a huge part in that turnaround! Thanks again for everything. You are the man, COACH!”

Tyler Richardson, Country Financial

*Country Financial, Tennessee set new sales records in the final quarter of

“You did more for my management team in 3 months than I was able to do in two years.”

Dave Natysin, RVP, Retired

*McDonalds’ largest region (Washington DC) rose from last of 40 regions to #1 in Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction. They cut costs and turnover and increased efficiency, production and sales by $1M.