Ron has incredible experience and skills. His model for success is worth learning and applying. Highly recommend!

Kenneth Flint, Associate Dean, College of Business, Western Carolina University.

Client’s Testimonials

Sheri Turk
Educator, Southwestern Community College

Ron was and is a great asset to Circles of Hope Jackson. He utilized his skills to guide this program to great levels of organization, participation of the community, and funding. His insight and knowledge has been invaluable in the functioning of this program.

Linda Potter
Jackson County Public School Librarian

Ron’s organizational skills and his ability to keep everyone focused and moving forward brought our organization from surviving to thriving.

Lynne Johnson
Retired Educator

Ron is an extremely knowledgeable and relational person. He values all perspectives in any issue but has the ability to organize multiple ideas and feedback and guide a group to consensus. Ron is a very positive individual who is very encouraging to work with.

Laura Chapman
Fontana Library System

I have had the pleasure of working with Ron at both the Jackson County Public Library and Jackson Circles of Hope. Ron’s ability to help build consensus while modeling active listening skills has always produced positive results for me. He is joy to work with.

Lauren Gaddy
Property Social Coordinator

Ron hosted a seminar at our local networking group. He illustrated the fundamentals of collecting and organizing data in order to develop a plan to improve our businesses. He is very informative and helped me view a perspective that I had never explored before.

Tricia C
Manager, Cherokee Choices

Ron’s strategies have turned our team around and we are more productive and cohesive group now.

Robin Bailey Callahan
Program Director, Cherokee Choices

A huge thank you fo Ron for the time you spent with our team…great wisdom presented in a manner which created openness and honesty among the team.

CeCe Hipps
President Haywood Chamber of Commerce

Ron has served as a speaker for several of our business meetings. He never disappoints and always delvers a stellar, to the point and meaningful presentation. He is a well diverse speaker on a variety of topics that any size business can benefit from.

Bill Ogletree
PhD, Communications Department Head, Health and Human Sciences, WCU

Ron is a positive leader who knows how to help others be their best. I’ve worked with him in Jackson County and been nothing but impressed. Two thumbs up!!!

Chris Wilcox
Owner, City Lights Bookstore

Ron worked with our entire crew at City Lights bookstore and really helped us see the interactions between different aspects of our business and how we could improve our processes to become better booksellers.

Andrew Leroy
Bautista and Leroy law firm

Ron’s ideas and strategies have helped our law firm in and outside the courtroom. His blog and book are must reads for anyone wanting to grow their business, no matter what field.

Robert Jumper
Editor, One Feather newspaper

Ron makes management personal. He brings together salaried and hourly personnel and crafts them into a functional and successful business team. The impact of his teaching may still be seen in the work family of that organization.

Karen Wallace
Executive Director, Fontana Regional Library

Thank you for making my management shine.

Dave Natysin
RVP, retired, McDonald’s

You did more for my management team in 3 months than I was able to do in two years.

Kirby Beverly
Country Financial

Overall, I had a great experience and felt like we covered a lot of ground. Glad he let us be an individual group, as well as, keep us on track.”

Drew Owens
Country Financial

His knowledge and strategies opened up the room to conversations that needed to grow.

Country Financial

Very structured and organized, great material

Joe Easley
Country Financial

A very unifying experience. Ron truly cares about helping our business succeed

Jeremy Holderfield
Country Financial

Ron is super amazing. Would love to hear ore. Next time, tell us to shut up so you can talk. lol

Tyler Richardson
Country Financial

You facilitated an incredible meeting, Ron! You knew when to step in, when to let us continue and solve problems. The way you ask questions to lead us into conversation is truly inspiring.

Ronnie Robinson
Country Financial

The program allowed our group to take an honest look at ourselves and ID what is important. But most importantly, develop an action plan/accountability plan.

CeCe, Kim and Taylor
Haywood Chamber of Commerce

Dear Ron, Thank you for returning as a speaker for our November Issues and Eggs meeting. Your presentation on rebound strategies was incredibly insightful, especially during these trying times.

CeCe Hipps

Ron, Thank you again for speaking this morning.  You did a great job as usual and the content was relevant to the attendees and today’s business environment. I noticed the attendees were engaged in what you were saying and not looking at their phones.  I have good news for you… you have 5 businesses that would like you to contact them for additional information.  We rescued the sheets from the tables and saved the ones that had contact information on them.  This would be a great story and testimonial if you got business from the following names listed below.

Mary Anne Farrell
Retired Physician

Ron was very effective in working with Circles of Hope in Jackson County. His leadership created a proactive sustainable loving organization. He is a deeply ethical person and committed to human and organizational improvement. He is a tremendous inspiration for good in the world. He brings out the best in organizations and people.

Jared Dunn
The Dunn Agency, Country Financial

Coach Ron was a huge asset to my insurance and financial services business. His book helped us identify some issues we were having inside our organization, and gave us the tools to improve and correct them. Our 1-on-1 sessions each week were key to developing a system that set us up for success and growth moving forward. Thank you for everything, Coach!

Cary Heidesch
Owner- 88 Key Solutions

One of Ron’s strengths is his never-ending optimism.  He showed me that in the midst of the challenges we faced this year, there were opportunities to grow the business.  Then he helped me identify those opportunities and develop strategies to go after them.  Any business seeking growth should contact Ron today (don’t wait for tomorrow)!

William Styles
Insurance Broker, Country Financial

I would highly recommend Ron Robinson for anyone looking to grow and expand their business! Ron brought a better understanding of focus and organization that I’ve never used before in my 9 years as a business owner. He was patient and understanding and highly involved in my growth and success. For any business owner either brand new or seasoned reach out to Ron and let him help you grow your focus and in turn grow your success!! Thank you Ron for the many years of friendship and help in my business!